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24 December 2012
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CV6168 WF461 Ferranti Radar TR Cell Tube

Weight: 227 g

If that over-the-horizon radar you installed in your garden isn't picking up incoming bombers like it used to, or if it keeps blowing the receive front end, it might be time to install a new TR cell (it switches the waveguide from receive to transmit). Here's some British made Ferranti CV6168 WF461 TR cells. They probably cost the Royal Air Force a small fortune when new, but you can buy 'em here for an amazing bargain price.

The price is PER TUBE. Limited quantities available. This item is shipped from Britain, in North America or Asia please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

We do not have facilities to test these items, so we are selling it subject to your testing with 30 day return privilege.

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