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24 December 2012
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0D3 OD3 VR150 Visseaux France Tube


12AU7WA ECC82 Philips Holland SQ Tube

Match Preamp Tube (ds):
Balance Sections:

12AX7 ECC83 Mullard Holland Made Tube

Match Preamp Tube (ds):

3B28 DC4/1000 Philips Holland Xenon Rectifier Tube


5965 12AV7 E180CC Mullard Holland

Match Preamp Tube (ds):

5965 12AV7 E180CC Valvo Holland

Match Preamp Tube (ds):

6021 Thomson France Subminiature Tube


6080WA 6080 Thomson CSF France Tube


6084 E80F Philips Miniwatt


6085 E80CC Mullard Holland Tube

6BH6 E90F Philips Miniwatt

6J4 Thomson Tube


C3m Siemens Tubes Valves

Match Preamp Tube (ss):

DF96 1AJ4 Philips Holland Tube


E280F 7722 TubeĀ 


E282F Philips Holland Tube


E2e Siemens Tube

Match Preamp Tube (ss):

ECC808 6KX8 Tube


EF86 Telefunken Tube Germany

Match Preamp Tube (ss):

EF95 6J1 6AK5 5654 RT Radiotechnique France

Match Preamp Tube (ss):

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