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24 December 2012
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2050 2050A 2050W USA NOS ThyratronTube


2C46 CV2933 Mullard Lighthouse Triode Tube


2E24 Hytron Tube


2E24 RCA Tube


3B28 DC4/1000 Philips Holland Xenon Rectifier Tube


3B28 USA NOS Xenon Rectifier Tube


3J160E CV2245 STC British 1 KW VHF Triode Tube


4B32 Xenon Rectifier Tube


4C35 CV1787 FX2505 EEV Britain Thyratron Tube


4CX250B China TubeĀ 


4CX250B Eimac USA


4CX250B Svetlana Russia Tube


4CX300A 8167 Raytheon Tube


4CX350A Eimac Tube


5763 RCA USA Tube


5894 QQV06-40A RFT East Germany Tube

Match Power Tube:

6076 QBL3.5-2000 Philips High Power Tetrode Tube


6155 RS685 RS1007 4-125A Siemens Tube


6156 C1112 QY4-250 Tube


7289 2C39 2C39BA RT Tube


8068 GE USA Tube


807 RCA USA Tubes

Match Power Tube:

807 Russia Tubes NOS 70's Vintage

Match Power Tube:

833A 833C China Tube


C1166 (sim to 4PR60 ) EEV British Tube


CV6223 3 GHz Traveling Wave Tube


EL81 CV2721 East German Tube


EL91 CV4063 Mullard Tube


QV04-7 QE04-10 CV309 Mullard Tetrode Tube


RK20 RK20A Raytheon Tube


TB4-1250 Philips High Power Triode Tube


TY4-400 High Power Triode Tube


TY4-400 Mullard High Power Triode Tube


TY6-5000A Philips 6 KW Power Triode Tube


VU111 U27 AU5 Marconi Canada Tube


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