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24 December 2012
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0A2 OA2 RFT East Germany Tube


0A2WA 0A2 OA2 Britain Tube Valve


0A2WA 0A2 OA2 USA Tube


0A3 OA3 VR75 USA Tube Valve


0B2 OB2 Russia


0B2WA 0B2 OB2 USA NOS Tube


0C3 OC3 Russia Tube Valve


0D3 OD3 VR150 Visseaux France Tube


2050 2050A 2050W USA NOS ThyratronTube


6E5C Russia Eye Indicator Tube


CV2116 RK6112 EMI British Klystron Tube


CV6168 WF461 Ferranti Radar TR Cell Tube


CV6169 WF471 Ferranti Radar TR Cell Tube


CX1140 Hydrogen Thyratron


CX1154 EEV Ceramic Deuterium Thyratron


CX1180 EEV Ceramic Deuterium Thyratron


CX1559 EEV Ceramic Deuterium Thyratron


DG7-32 Marantz 10B Scope Tube Tungsram


DM160 Philips Magic Eye Indicator Tube


EM34 Mullard Philips Eye Indicator Tube


EM84 RFT Eye Indicator Tube


EMM801 Telefunken Eye Indicator Tube


STV280-40 CV1068 Marconi Voltage Regulator Tube


ZP1550 Centronics Geiger Muller Tube


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