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24 December 2012
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Here you'll find manufacturers' data sheets and curves for many popular (and some not so popular ) electronic valve types.
If you can't find what you need here, try
Duncan's Tube Data Sheet Locator.
These files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You need the
Adobe Reader plugin or Ghostscript to view them.
(Where file size isn't listed, the files are less than 100 Kb in size)
The files for the most part are in English language, a few are in Japanese or Russian.

Small Signal 
3A/167M (British equivalent to 437A Western Electric)
6BR7 8D5 - Brimar's competitor to the EF86.
6463 (Philips SQ special ECC86 dual triode)
6611 (subminiature battery pentode)
6829 (special 5965/E180CC)
7586 8393 Special nuvistors (RCA data)
7587 nuvistor (Philips data)
8056 nuvistor
C3g German wideband telephone repeater pentode
D3a 7721 Broadband high-Gm pentode
DC70 Subminiature triode
ECC40 Basically an ECC32 with a different base.
E282F Broadband high-Gm pentode
E810F 7788 Broadband high-Gm pentode

Rectifier, Regulator and Thyratron
5644 Subminiature regulator
5696 Miniature thyratron
6Z4 China (Chinese version of 6X4)
6106 (Bendix super-duper 5Y3GT)
CK1006 Raytheon gas rectifier

Strobe Tubes

Power Output
12E1 (216 kB)

12E14 35 watt 800 volt British beam tetrode.
3B/240M (high-gain HF triode output)
4043C 4043D 35 watt medium gain STC British triode
4CX250B(312 kb)
4-250A C1112 English Electric Valve
4-400A C1136 English Electric Valve
5656 Dual tetrode
5755 High performance high gain dual triode
5C/450A Huge glass pentode with 212E style base
7403 (Bendix super-rated version of 3D21)
8552 (special 6146 types)
8627 Nuvistor power triode
8643 twin tetrode
8950 (278 kb) RF linear and "kicker" tube
C1166 English Electric Valve pulse tetrode
CCS1 Y799 Special 4CX250B
DA42 British xmtr triode similar to 811A
DA100 Large 100W British triode sim to 845
DA250 250W British medium gain triode
DO24 2 watt Mullard triode similar to PX4
EL34 (complete Amperex/Philips data)
S11E12 output pentode
S2P20 output pentode
TY4-400 High power triode

GEC - Marconi special valves
A1714 CV408 Planar Triode
A2134 CV2179 Output pentode like EL84
A2293 Miniature power triode
N78 6BJ5 Output pentode
TT21 TT22 (special versions of KT88)
Z319 secondary emission pentode

Telefunken special valves (pages are in German)
AC100 AC101 signal triode
AD100 AD101 output triode
AD102 output triode
AH100 mixer/frequency converter
MC1 Small signal triode
MF2 HF pentode
NF2 HF pentode
NF3 HF penode
NF4 HF pentode
RG12D2 Dual diode
RL12P10 Output pentode
RV12P2000 HF Pentode
RV12P2001 HF Pentode
RV12P4000 HF Pentode
RV2P700 HF Pentode
RV2P800 HF Pentode
SD1A HF triode

Taylor Tubes
Most Taylor tubes without the "T" prefix are interchangable with their RCA equivalents,
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