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24 December 2012
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  • Who are you guys, anyway? And why did you put up this site?

  •  We have been selling items worldwide for many years via Ebay - you can see our Ebay shop at We put up this site to make it easier for customers to find these products - the Ebay listings don't list in alphabetical order and that makes it hard to find items in our Ebay shop - and because, frankly, we're getting a little tired of Ebay.
  • Can I contact you directly?

  • Yes. To contact us by email, simply go to the bottom or top of any page on this site and click on the "Feedback" link, or you can ring us up at 020-7096-1306 (local call in London) . Our US number is 1-773-782-6145.
  • What is your Privacy Policy and what are your Terms and Conditions for this site?

  • Just go to the left of any page and click on the "Website T&C" link and you can read all the gory legal details. However, to make one thing perfectly clear, we DON'T LIKE SPAM!, we don't spam people, we don't associate with known spammers (except perhaps to poison their coffee), and we don't share email addresses or personal data with spammers, or anyone else who's not holding a badge and a court order. Which is pretty unlikely. Also we don't send emails to you except regarding your order, or if you ask us to.
  • We DO NOT handle or retain any credit card information entered via our web site or Ebay. All credit & debit card information is handled securely by our card processor, we never see your card number, expiry or CVV. 
  • What is your Return and Warranty Policy?

  • Under UK Distance Selling Regulations, you can cancel an order or return unopened items for credit within 14 days. If a return is necessary  we will give you a UK or USA address (depending on which is closer to you) to post the item to. Valves normally are warranteed against electrical defects and failure for 30 days after arrival. We do not pay return postage on international orders. Some of the old stock (ie made before 2000) tubes we sell are very old - up to 70 years old! or have not been stored in optimum conditions, so we can not guarantee perfect cosmetic appearance of these items - if you are concerned about that then please contact us for a more detailed verbal description or photo of the item.
  • Can I buy from this site if I am not in the United Kingdom?

  • Yes. All prices on this site are based on British Pounds, though. Our checkout will render prices in British Pounds - your credit or debit card issuer will convert your local currency. PayPal will bill your account in British currency and convert into your home currency (Euro, crowns, etc) in your PayPal account or on your debit or credit card.

  • Do I have to pay VAT/PST and duty on these items?

  • VAT is collected on all sales within the European Union. For other countries it depends on the size and value of the parcel. In the USA imports of these goods are normally duty and tax free free up to at least US$400. The official rule in Britain, for example is that VAT and duty are not collected for parcels with a value of less than £18, but generally they don't bother with VAT and duty unless it is worth £30 or more. In Canada it's CDN $20. We normally declare a low wholesale or scrap value and mark parcels as gifts. In other words, if you just get a few items for personal use, the chances of you being charged duty or VAT/PST is normally very low.
  • How are the items shipped? Who delivers them?

  • Orders the weigh less than 2 kg are shipped from the UK by first class mail or Signed-For (registered) service and delivered by your local postal service (in the UK, Royal Mail or Parcelforce). Please note that while First-Class International is cheaper than Signed For, it is a lower priority bulk shipping service and does not supply tracking numbers.  International parcels heavier than 2kg typically are delivered by DHL.
  • How soon will my items be delivered?

  • This depends partly on transport conditions, how busy the postal service and customs is and whether the postmen decide to go on strike or not, but UK deliveries are normally 3 to 7 days, international typically delivery times are between 1-2 weeks in Europe  and 2-4 weeks elsewhere, from the time you order with regular service and not more than 1 week with DHL service.
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